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          ADD:No. 3 Anshun Road, Jiujiang Economic and
          Technological Development Zone, Jiangxi
          Tel:+86 0792-8963332 +86 0792 8963336
          中文域名:名川看臺.com 英文域名:mcchair.com

          National high-tech enterprise + large-scale production base + 800 cases in 10 years = safety + high-quality stands


          Production base

          Project cases

          Safety + High Quality = Mingchuan Grandstand

          China's first manufacturer of all-aluminum
          structure stands!
          Application case: All-aluminum stands in
          Nanzhang County Stadium, Hubei Province

          China's first manufacturer of fabricated aluminum
          alloy stands!
          Application Case: Wuhan International Tennis Center Fabricated Aluminum Stand

          The only manufacturer in China that has a patent for
          leak-proof aluminum alloy stands!
          Application example: Henan Agricultural University
          stadium assembled aluminum stand

          China's first manufacturer of self-folding mobile
          metal stands!
          Invention patent number: 201810537189
          An example should be used: export to Europe,
          Hungary and other countries!

          Patent No:2017200371725

          Patent No:2017200284708

          Patent No:2018208205501

          Patent No:2018208260782

          Patent No:2018216370290

          Technology leader


          professional focus

          Aluminium alloy stand with assembled structure
          Application example: Guangzhou University of Arts and Sciences stadium assembled aluminum alloy stands

          Operational start

          The vision is: make the sky bluer, the mountains greener, the water clearer, and the
          environment more beautiful!
          Capital increase: Registered capital: RMB 100 million.
          Renamed: Jiangxi Mingchuan Public Facilities Co., Ltd.
          The positioning is: to create a safe + high-quality new stadium stands.
          Increase production equipment and start a business!

          Perfect day by day

          CE, SGS, TUV and other international authority certification
          and testing center certification.
          Started the establishment of
          the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

          Stable and mature

          Construction of China's first new
          all-aluminum structure
          Stadium stands and podium.
          The stands and rostrum of Nanzhang
          County Stadium, Hubei Province.
          At the same time, the company's new
          assembled metal structure stands have
          obtained many national patents!


          Undertook partial renewal of the
          temporary stand at the Singapore F1
          circuit and replacement orders for
          all seats,
          China's largest single temporary
          structure stand project-Alxa Dream
          Park 12,000 metal structure stand

          Market leading

          Undertook the construction of a new assembled metal structure
          project for the World Military
          China's first automatic folding
          mobile metal structure stands
          have been successfully
          trial-produced and obtained a
          national patent certificate!

          Work hard

          The company passed:
          ISO9000 quality management system certification
          ISO14000 environmental management system
          OHSAS18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification
          National Sporting Goods Testing Center and other certifications.

          growing up very fast

          Constructed China's first sports stand with assembled new aluminum alloy surface,
          The stand of Wuhan International
          Tennis Center (the venue of WTA
          International Tennis Open).

          Hit new heights

          Record performance in domestic and foreign trade sectors,
          We have accepted orders for
          metal stands in many developed
          countries such as the United
          States and Hungary.
          And large-scale metal structure
          stands in Venezuela.

          Keep improving

          Won the national high-tech enterprise honor!
          Gained a high degree of market
          recognition, and the business
          continues to hit new heights!

          facing the future

          Standing at a new historical starting point, we keep in
          mind the mission, "in order
          to make the sky bluer, the
          mountains greener, the water clearer, and the environment more beautiful", and work


          Mingchuan stand adds bricks to the new rural sports construction, while the metal stand adds tiles to the basketball hall of Caota yangjialou Village
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          Yangjialou cultural and Sports Center in Caota town is the largest cultural project at village level in Zhuji City, with a total investment of 150 million yuan and an area of 30 mu, including gymnasium, library, cultural memory hall
          "Lushan Xihai national sports tourism demonstration base" assembled all aluminum alloy stand project
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          The Xihai fleet ball games and leisure center project is a traction and demonstration project to establish a national sports tourism demonstration base in Lushan Xihai, with a total investment of 230 million, a total land use of 156.5 and a total construction area of about 21000 m2. Overall layout of the project: build an ecological and park style sports center and a leisure ball center.

          The number of courts is preliminarily determined as 36 tennis balls, 12 badminton balls, 25 table tennis balls, 10 billiards balls, 1 five player football and 2 half court basketball.
          85 easily stepped pits in structural design parameters
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          Application and structure analysis of assembled temporary stand
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          裝配式臨時看臺受場地局限性小、安裝方便、可重復利用,適用于各類室內、外活動。近年來,歐美等國家在大型體育比賽和社會活動中廣泛使用這種看臺,如摩洛哥一級方程賽車等國際賽事, 取得了很好的社會和經濟效益。
          北京奧運會上,國家體育館、水立方等十四個比賽場地使用裝配式臨時看臺近八萬坐席, 充分體現了“綠色奧運、科技奧運” 的理念。
          Great attention ︱ assembly building meets another great opportunity for development: the military facilities construction project promotion and application of assembly building!
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          Article source: learning corps, PLA News Communication Center

          Author: Sun Xingwei, Li Haoran

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          Zhejiang Taizhou Research Institute

          Taizhou Junior Sports School of Zhejiang Province

          Yangjialou village gymnasium, Caota Town, Zhejiang Province