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          Great attention ︱ assembly building meets another great opportunity for development: the military facilities construction project promotion and application of assembly building!

          Great attention ︱ assembly building meets another great opportunity for development: the military facilities construction project promotion and application of assembly building!

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          Article source: learning corps, PLA News Communication Center

          Author: Sun Xingwei, Li Haoran

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          Recently, the logistics support department of the CMC has made arrangements and arrangements for vigorously promoting the application of prefabricated buildings in military facilities construction projects. Relevant leaders said that promoting the application of prefabricated buildings is an important measure to give full play to the technical and industrial advantages of the national construction industry, promote the innovation of military facilities construction technology and management mode, and comprehensively improve the comprehensive support capacity of military facilities construction Promoting the transformation and development of military facilities construction will play a positive role.
          Nowadays, prefabricated building is the main trend of the development of construction industry, and the assembly rate in developed countries is more than 80%. In China, from the national level, with the acceleration of urbanization, the traditional cast-in-place building mode, with large energy consumption, heavy environmental pollution and poor weather resistance, has been difficult to meet the transformation and development needs of the national modern construction industry. From the military point of view, for a long time, the military facilities construction mainly adopts the traditional construction mode of cast-in-place construction. For areas with poor natural conditions such as high mountains, islands, and high cold plateau, the effective construction period is short and the requirements for materials on site are high, which greatly affects the construction quality and progress and restricts the completion of construction tasks on schedule. For this reason, the relevant departments of the logistics support department of the Military Commission, with innovative construction ideas and full use of the achievements and experience in the field of national construction, decided to promote the application of prefabricated buildings in the military facilities construction projects of the whole army, and accurately convert the operational demand, training demand and support demand into the construction demand, so as to maximize the military application value of prefabricated buildings.
          Assembly building adheres to the principles of combat traction, scientific and technological innovation and integrated design, and implements integrated design for building structure, mechanical and electrical equipment, component parts, assembly construction, decoration, etc. compared with traditional cast-in-place structure, the biggest advantage of assembly building is that it can carry out integrated construction of main structure and internal decoration in the factory, through promotion of generalization, modularization and standard Standardized design mode, improve the ability of collaborative design of all disciplines in the construction field. Integrity and impact resistance are the core evaluation indicators of prefabricated buildings. In this respect, the prefabricated buildings actively apply BIM Technology, which can accurately install and firmly connect components on site, and the three-dimensional and refined modeling of BIM Technology, breaking the problem of disconnection of traditional design, production and installation, integrating design demand, production demand and installation demand into BIM model, greatly improving Building quality. At the same time, the prefabricated building can integrate the protection, camouflage, shielding and other technologies into a whole design and highly integrate in the construction, effectively improving the wartime survival ability and the level of actual combat of military facilities.
          The logistics support department of the CMC requires that the promotion of prefabricated buildings should adhere to the principle of "pilot first, then push forward", select all kinds of military facilities with different application conditions according to the urgent needs of war preparation, living needs and technical requirements, select some projects as the pilot of prefabricated application, adhere to the joint promotion of pilot construction with cooperative enterprises, track and evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot, and summarize the experience and practice of the pilot , and simultaneously research and compile relevant construction standards in combination with the results of pilot construction.
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