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          Jupiter mobile stand

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          Introduction to Jupiter's movable stand:
          Stand features of this style:
          1. The seat is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) as the main raw material and blow molded by air. It has comfortable sitting, high strength, impact resistance, safety, weather resistance and anti-aging properties. The flame retardant grade reaches V-0 grade. Its chemical properties are stable, acid and alkali resistant, antistatic, wearable, hydrophobic, and color stable. Simple structure and few faults;
          2. The storey difference of the stand can be 250mm-350mm, and the storey width can be 650mm-850mm,;
          III. design load: the retractable movable stand must bear the weight of the seat itself, which can reach 488kg / m2. At the same time, vertical swing load (146 kg / M) and parallel swing load (360kg / M) are considered. The safety is considered in the guardrail design to the greatest extent. The top load is 73 kg / m, and the middle load of the guardrail is 146 kg / m. according to the site conditions of customers, side guardrail, rear guardrail can be configured Front guardrail and other guardrail systems.
          IV. therefore, the surface of steel structure components is treated by electrostatic powder spraying, and the dry film thickness is 200um. ;
          V. power system: manual or semi-automatic;
          For other technical descriptions, please refer to the description of the synthesis and structure of famous event stands. The specific requirements can be customized according to the site and customer needs.


          Stand panel is optional: 1. Fireproof PVC is pasted on the glued board, 2. Aluminum alloy panel, anodized on the surface.

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