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          Folding mobile stand

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          Folding mobile stand:
          At present, there are three types of stands in sports venues and performing arts venues: fixed stands, telescoping stands and temporary stands. 1. The fixed stand has concrete and steel structure, and the fixed stand can only be fixed at the designated position;
          2. Most of the telescoping stands are used in indoor venues, which can achieve folding contraction and relatively realize movement in a small range. The retractable movable stand in the prior art has the following defects: a. the moving mode is nylon roller, which requires moving on a relatively flat ground, and the moving range is in a single stadium or stadium range, so it is unable to move across venues and areas; B. the material is mostly steel and wood structure, with electric drive system, which is not suitable for outdoor use;
          3. There are two types of temporary stands: steel truss support system and scaffold support system. At present, the temporary stands of these two structures can achieve standardized production and rapid disassembly, but the cost of disassembly and transportation is relatively high.
          Therefore, a new type of auto folding traction metal stand is needed to meet the diversified needs of various sports and entertainment activities. This stand can be used repeatedly across venues and regions without disassembly and assembly, so as to improve the space utilization ratio and make it convenient and quick. The chassis is equipped with rubber tires for automobiles, which can be directly towed by manual or ordinary vehicles for moving and long-distance transportation across regions. The chassis is equipped with electric control hydraulic support legs, with good stability. It overcomes the defects of traditional stands.
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